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15th October 2019
:: Scheme Member | A-Day: New Regulations from April 2006

A-Day: New Regulations from 2006
What's it about?
A-Day was the 6th April 2006. It was an attempt by Government to simplify the rules that govern pensions in the UK by introducing a single set of new rules. The whole process became known as ‘pensions simplification’. Now, all pension schemes are subject to the same single set of rules. The way in which you will receive your benefits has changed in many areas and there are now more options available for those schemes that choose to implement them for their members.
What was A-Day? 
What was A-Day?
We take a brief look at all the changes introduced in A-Day legislation
 A-Day: Changes in Detail
A-Day: Changes in Detail  
A more comprehensive document, plus how changes could affect you
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