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17th November 2019
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About Us
What is a website aimed at making employment based pension schemes more easily understandable.
By bringing together useful, meaningful and relevant information and facts about employment based pension schemes we hope to make your understanding of pensions a lot easier.
Change plays a big part in pension provision and keeping abreast of events is crucial to scheme members, advisers, trustees and employers. The website provides specific information and a cost-effective solution for our membership and customers. We provide up to date material, researched from the widest of sources and sensibly indexed.
Our team of pension professionals have worked with advisers, pension providers, trustees, employers and scheme members over many years. We recognise the strengths that each sector has to offer. We don't give advice ourselves - but we do recommend throughout the four Zones that viewers seek advice from appropriately experienced advisers, whether this be pension-related, financial, legal, actuarial or other.
This website focuses upon UK employment based pension schemes whether or not you are resident in the UK or an expat with a pension still held in the UK.
We update this website daily. It represents our core activity. Modules and Factsheets are constantly reviewed and updated to maintain their accuracy.

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