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18th April 2019
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Business opportunities 
Retirement planning and pension provision (or indeed the lack of it in many cases) continues to be one of the hottest topics of concern. The media is awash with reports about pensions and in particular employer sponsored occupational pension schemes.The Government is continuously having to address increasing concerns. If you're in this market, it's free publicity - but how many advisers take advantage of it?  
People now rarely stay in the same job for a lifetime. Research shows that clients stay in the same job for just under 6 years on average. At any one time some 7 per cent of people are in temporary jobs or employed on fixed-term contracts and about 28 per cent of people have worked for the current employer for two years or less.
So, there is a very good chance that your clients will have benefits in an employment based pension scheme. If you don’t help your clients to keep their benefits under review – there is always someone else waiting to seize the opportunity.
Furthermore, the introduction of rafts of legislation presents huge commercial opportunities for advisers. Those that have systems and procedures in position will be better placed to take advantage of these opportunities.
Client’s should be made aware of the impact of:
  • ‘A-Day and pension simplification’
  • the pension aspects of Civil Partnership legislation
  • the pension aspects of age discrimination
  • the PPF, TPR and FAS and their strengths and weaknesses
  • the stability of their pension benefits
…and much more besides.
At our services and tools help you communicate ongoing events to your clients and to consider the impact these changes may have on their retirement provision.
Business opportunities 

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