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21st September 2019
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Consultation Service
Our Consultation Service incorporates a range of third-party services including project management, independent commentary or review and objective analysis.
You might be considering cash enhancements, bulk transfers, scheme closure or launching a website for your scheme members.

It can often help to have a fresh perspective on pension-related matters as an employer is likely to have a variety of roles to juggle with including;  
        director / partner
        shareholder / partner
        scheme member (active, preserved or pensioner)
As this can occasionally results in a conflict of interest, who do you turn to with knowledge and understanding? With whom can you discuss sensitive issues without fear of whistle-blowing?
By utilising our Consultation Service you can discuss your concerns, problems, predicaments and expectations in complete confidence.
We have experience of working with employers, directors, partners, pension and employment lawyers, actuaries, trustees, scheme members, pension administrators and financial advisers.
We are impartial and unbiased.
The Consultation Service is charged out typically from £150 per hour or £720 per day. Weekly, monthly and project rates are available. All fees are plus VAT.

For more details call us on 0845 123 5670

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