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25th August 2019
:: Blog | January 2009 (12 blogs) | Early retirement hopes dashed

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Early retirement hopes dashed 
Latest research from Life Trust reveals that ‘…one in 10 adults currently working feel that, in light of the current economic crisis, they now expect to have to delay their retirement by as much as five years.’
I’d have thought that would have been relatively obvious given the current economic turmoil. Many people with defined contribution schemes who intended to retire early will have mis-timed the downturn in the markets. Many of those with defined benefit schemes may have found out too late that the scheme has withdrawn early payment on special terms or even pulled the option to early retire altogether.
What this illustrates is the constant need to review pension arrangements – what they provide: what they offer and as importantly what they don’t. The events over the last 18 months may not have been entirely predictable but examining retirement plans every three or five years clearly wouldn’t have worked if you’re coming up to retire now. See:
Mike Jones,, 14th January 2009

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