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17th November 2019
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Pension help and guidance for employers
MyCompanyPension is the UK’s first website dedicated to pension education and pension guidance. We help employers to provide pension and 'at retirement' education to employees and scheme members. High quality, low cost, minimum fuss. 
We inform, educate and present facts and we do it simply but effectively.
We don't sell pensions: no sales, no pressure, no hassle. So, if you want to help your employees and scheme members understand all about employment based pension schemes and their options at retirement - we can help. We make understanding pensions easy.

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TPR and FSA Guide - Talking to your employees about pensions 
In the spotlight - featured document 

The Pensions Regulator in conjunction with the Financial Services Authority has released a useful 16-page guide for employers on how to engage with employees about retirement planning. Advisers will be pleased that it clearly points out the limitations of what an employer can do in respect of answering employee queries. Set in a Q&A style here’s a few of the example headings:
  • What can I tell my employees if they ask me whether it is a good idea for them to join the pension scheme?
  • How can I make sure that I am not breaking rules on giving financial advice?
  • How far can I go in promoting my scheme?
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