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21st May 2019
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Facts not Advice
Get the facts
Information, education and communication are our key words.
We don’t give advice. Advice is subjective. It is an opinion, a viewpoint or a judgment. Advice results in something that may or may not happen. If it’s not a fact – it’s advice and the purpose of this website is to educate, inform and assist.
What we do:
  • We inform, educate and present facts
  • We simplify the complicated 
  • We help our members understand
  • We save our members time 
What we don't do:
  • We don't sell pensions or insurance
  • We don't sell mortgages or investments
  • We don't give advice – but we help people that do  
  • We strongly believe there is need for impartial, factual and unbiased information for scheme members, employers, trustees and advisers.

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