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17th June 2019
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Sample 1 - White Label Factsheet - Types of Employer Sponsored Pension Schemes
Sample 1
Sample 2 - White Label Factsheet - Security and Risk Money Purchase Schemes
Sample 2
Sample 3 - White Label Factsheet - Redundancy: how it affects your DB pension benefits
Sample 3

Factsheets and Brochures

Sample Factsheet - Redundancy - Defined Benefit Scheme - Active MemberWe're in the process of converting our Pension Factsheets and Brochures so Financial Advisers can use them in a variety of ways; from helping you to attract new visitors to your website or to support your existing client presentation material and advice:

  • White Label Versions - brand free - to use on your website or in your offices. See our samples in the right hand menu.
  • Branded Versions - use our existing Factsheets to support your current services
  • Plain Text Versions - use our text to populate your website with pages of expert guidance about pensions. Create a 'centre of pensions expertise'.
Available shortly (the examples on the right are available now), dozens of pages of pension information material for you to use to create and populate a pensions 'centre of excellence' for your own website. Plus dozens of professionally created FACTSHEETS and BROCHURES for you to pick from.

Sample Factsheet - Redundancy - Defined Benefit Scheme - Active Member

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