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15th October 2019
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Glossary L - N
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Late retirement
When a member chooses to continue working beyond his normal pension age or Normal Retirement Date.
Lifetime Allowance
The amount of pension savings a person can draw before being subject to the Lifetime Allowance charge.
Lifetime Allowance charge
The tax charge on funds which exceed an individual’s Lifetime Allowance.
Lifetime Allowance check
The process undertaken when a benefit crystalisation event occurs to check if the member’s pension fund exceeds his remaining lifetime allowance.
Money purchase scheme
A pension arrangement where the pension benefits at retirement are determined by agreed levels of contributions paid into the fund by the member and employer. They are often called defined contribution schemes. They provide benefits based upon the money held in individual ‘pots’ specifically on behalf of each member. The amount in your ‘pot’ at retirement will depend upon the investment returns achieved on the member and employer contributions.
Money purchase scheme with a defined benefit underpin
It provides two alternative pension options from the same pension scheme. It provides the better of: a ‘defined benefit’ element of the pension scheme and a ‘money purchase’ element of the pension scheme.
Mortality risk
The likelihood of you living longer than might be expected by considering historical data.
Non-contributory scheme
An employer sponsored pension scheme where members are not obliged to contribute.
A person who declines the option to join an occupational pension scheme.
Normal pension age
The age specified by the scheme at which members are able to retire without requiring employer or trustee consent and without incurring any penalty.
Normal Retirement Age
Is the term we use to describe your age when you reach Normal Retirement Date.
Normal Retirement Date
The date you would normally retire and receive pension benefit.
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