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18th April 2019
:: Optimising this website

Optimising this website

Maximising your screen display
To maximise your screen display you can press your keyboard key F11. To return to your normal view press F11 again.

Apple Macintosh users
Users of Apple Mac systems can benefit from a wide variety of features and technologies specifically designed to provide accessibility to all users including those with disabilities.

View, Print, Copy and Read Microsoft Word documents
Word Viewer 2003 lets you open Word 2003 documents and documents created with all previous versions of Microsoft Word for Windows® and Microsoft Word for Macintosh.
View, print and copy Microsoft Word documents, even if you don't have Word installed.

PDF Documents
PDF stands for Portable Document Format. PDF documents are often displayed using this icon.
You need software to be able to read a PDF document.
Download the latest version of Adobe Reader FREE of charge so you can read PDF documents.
Some screen reading software such as audio-enabling web browsers are not compatible with Adobe Reader, Adobe provide FREE tools to convert the content of PDF files to text.

Web Browsers
This website is optimised for the latest versions of the following browsers (excluding Beta test versions): 

Screen Resolution
The optimal resolution for this website is 1024 x 768 pixels.
You can change your screen resolution (if you use Microsoft Windows) by choosing Start menu, Control Panel, Display, Settings.

Making the text of this website larger / smaller
Do you know you can alter the size of text? 
  1. In your browser go to the View menu (some web browsers call this Zoom or Text Zoom)
  2. Select Text Size
  3. Select the size of text you want

Note: This may not work in all versions of all browsers, or all text on a page may not enlargen.


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