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15th October 2019
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Pension Blog - April 2009 
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You must already be aware that the credit crunch has led to a reduction in annuity rates over the last few weeks and consequently lower pensions for those people
posted 27/04/2009
We've recently become quite used to hearing about the effects of increased life expectancy on our pension systems. Defined benefit scheme costs have
posted 15/04/2009
A couple of interesting pension articles appeared over Easter. The first on Friday was the effect of the recession on recent divorce settlements
posted 14/04/2009
Much of today's news focuses upon not whether, but when, other employers will follow Aon's lead and move to cut pension benefits because of financial pressures
posted 09/04/2009
According to a survey from Prudential, 'A total of 2.76 million women and 3.96 million men are expected to retire in 2009, with the average adult in Britain
posted 08/04/2009
Money Marketing reports on a survey from Watson Wyatt about the benefits of salary sacrifice for employers that sponsor a pension scheme for their employees
posted 07/04/2009
There is an article about pensions written by Norma Cohen for today which is one of the best that I’ve seen for a long time. You may have read about
posted 03/04/2009
There's an interesting quote in an article in Professional Pensions which discusses the results of a survey conducted by HSBC Actuaries and Consultants
posted 02/04/2009
On Monday, (30th March 2009), Harriett Harman announced that MPs' pay was to rise by 2.3% with ministers' wages remaining static for the second successive year
posted 01/04/2009

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