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21st September 2019
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Pension Blog - June 2009 
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Comparing defined benefit pension schemes with defined contribution schemes is a bit like comparing apples with pears. Nevertheless, highlighting potential
posted 24/06/2009
Thankfully, its not too often that you see the words ‘pension’ and ‘fraud’ in the same headline. A much more commonly associated word would be ‘loophole’ as...
posted 23/06/2009
Thanks to Keeley Makin, Head of Pension Technical at Simplybiz, and one of my colleagues on the Specialist Pensions Forum, for bringing the FSA’s latest leaflet...
posted 19/06/2009
I went to the Take That concert in Cardiff last night accompanying my wife for whom I’d bought the tickets as a birthday present. At 48, I can’t say that the band was
posted 18/06/2009
According to the latest ONS data released today, the classification of Royal Bank of Scotland Group and Lloyds Banking Group to the public sector increases...
posted 17/06/2009
Pension knowledge vital key to engagement
Regular readers of these pension news updates will know how passionately I feel about the provision of pension education. It’s no coincidence that a large section...
posted 15/06/2009
You might recall that with effect from April 6th 2009, new regulations came into effect concerning the statutory pension revaluation cap and the statutory... 
posted 12/06/2009
In his speech to the Association of British Insurers (ABI) yesterday, Shadow Chancellor George Osbourne outlined the changes that he would like to see
posted 10/06/2009
Capita Hartshead has produced its 16th annual pensions administration survey. I know, I bet you’ve begun to switch off already but bear with me: this kind of
posted 09/06/2009
Using the Freedom of Information act, a Sunday newspaper asked 1,000 public sector pension schemes how many pensioners were in receipt of a pension of
posted 08/06/2009
The current spate of articles on scheme closures has prompted some quite heated debates on forums and comments over the internet. My favourite from the last
posted 05/06/2009
With the current political turmoil pointing towards the very real prospect of a change in government at the next general election, there is an apparent consensus
posted 04/06/2009
The news that BP is to close its non contributory final salary scheme to new entrants from April 2010 will surprise many people. Just two months ago the company
posted 03/06/2009
Most ordinary people view pensions as a complicated subject and they see annuities as adding yet another layer of complexity. In fact, when you describe a pension
posted 02/06/2009
This article is early evidence that our younger generations will end up paying for the credit crunch in more ways than one. It discusses comments made the National
posted 01/06/2009

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