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21st September 2019
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Pension Blog - November 2009 
This blog allows us to air our views and opinions on pension related issues. We don't ask or expect you to agree with our opinions - but you're welcome to comment about a particular blog by sending us an email to  
Pension problem looms for small employers: says report
There has been quite a lot of speculation about whether Personal Accounts will actually get off the ground. Although the timescale of launch isn’t cast in stone...
posted 13/11/2009
One way to get your competition to pay for your pension deficit
As businesses factor the cost of servicing a defined benefit pension scheme deficit into their operating costs, I was surprised to read that BT currently does not...
posted 12/11/2009
Restricting pension information is not a good precedent
An article on Citywire’s website today shows one of the interesting problems we face in the pensions arena: namely detailed information gathering. The report cites...
posted 11/11/2009
Working beyond State Retirement Age
In the UK, estimates for 2008 showed that approximately 60% of the population were of working age – that’s 36.8m people. What must be of concern is that in...
posted 10/11/2009
Reading this brief report on defined contribution provision in Europe, I had a little smile when I read the comment: ‘Surveys suggest that DC scheme members...
posted 05/11/2009

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