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21st September 2019
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Pension Blog - September 2009 
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By 2020 the aged 75+ group will increase by 28%
I enjoyed this article from The Guardian’s website because of the interesting facts that it reveals. Dissecting a recent report issued by The Inquiry into the Future for
posted 22/09/2009
Should the pensions sector be wary of 2012?
I took a 15 minute call yesterday answering questions for research carried out for the Central Office of Information (COI). The core content was aimed at businesses
posted 16/09/2009
Pensions and redundancy: how 7 months cost £1m
Being made redundant is, on its own, bad enough for most people. However, one senior council employee was allegedly targeted for redundancy because he was
posted 11/09/2009
Public sector pensions likened to Ponzi schemes
The TUC has launched an attack on the tax relief given to higher rate taxpayers. Quoting Treasury figures it says that the top 1% of earners account for 25% of the
posted 09/09/2009
Three elements make up a retirement journey
Watson Wyatt has released a research report entitled Journey planning – a more engaging approach. It looks at ways of how best to encourage greater
posted 08/09/2009
Pension contributions: you get what you pay for
The news that Unison is allegedly looking at closing its final salary scheme will no doubt raise eyebrows, particularly in the public sector. It follows closely on the
posted 07/09/2009
The rise and fall of pension provision
I thought I’d end the week by bringing to your attention a couple of graphs that illustrate the changing face of pension provision in the western world. The first
posted 04/09/2009
Consumers will question the safety of pensions
I’m just a little surprised that the media hasn’t made more of the KeTech pension situation. Even though it appears to have been triggered by an administrative
posted 03/09/2009
Exchanging future pension increases for a cash lump sum is set to become more popular as employers follow recent offers undertaken by ITV and BT. What I...
posted 02/09/2009

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