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18th April 2019
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Pension Transfer Tools
Defined Benefit Schemes:
Our questionnaire is essential to data collection for a Transfer Analysis (also see our pension analysis forms). This will help you to understand the questions that your scheme members expect to have answered if they are considering transferring from your scheme (usually using the services of a financial adviser).
Most defined benefit schemes offer much more than just a pension, like ill-health, death benefits, a retirement cash lump sum, or life cover. A transfer analysis reveals the strengths and weaknesses in your scheme members’ benefits – our forms will help you to provide all the necessary information, and help them and their advisers plug any gaps in their retirement planning.
A transfer analysis (which is different to a pension analysis) - where your employee or scheme member considers the alternatives of transferring benefits out of the existing work-based scheme - is an essential service for any adviser. It is a fundamental part of any financial healthcheck.
Understanding WHY advisers request this data will help you to improve your pension communication to your employees and scheme members. Don't underestimate the importance of comprehensive data. Some schemes provide comprehensive information for their scheme members whilst others might be less helpful.
Providing the right information will therefore ultimately assist YOU as an employer (as it cuts down on repeat questions and duplication of services), thereby saving YOU money. Regulators and Ombudsman will also expect it of you if there is ever a complaint.
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