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25th August 2019
:: Blog | January 2009 (12 blogs) | Shaken and stirred: consumer confidence

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Shaken and stirred: consumer confidence 
This is a powerful article from Deborah Hargreaves at The Guardian. She writes about investor confidence – shaken dramatically by events over the last 18 months. Recent reports indicate that many people are being put off or reducing their retirement planning due to the recession, personal debt and worries over job losses. If we are to encourage people to continue to plan for their retirement we have to address consumer confidence – it comes back to financial education. Deborah comments:
'If banks can get their own finances so spectacularly wrong, it is not surprising the public is worried about how its cash will be stewarded. We need to be saving more for our financial futures and preparing for pensions, but if we don't trust the institutions to look after our hard-won funds, what is the point?'
The devil in me was quite amused by the last paragraph in the article too. See:
Mike Jones,, 23rd January 2009

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