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18th April 2019
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Terms of Reference - Specialist Pensions Forum
Welcome to the Specialist Pensions Forum, a dedicated area for members and guests.

The current Terms of Reference for the Specialist Pensions Forum:
To facilitate discussion amongst peers from the pensions industry arising from developments such as legislative, regulatory and product changes
To promote the sharing of knowledge and practice and so foster the highest standards
Overview An informal forum for discussion of specialist and technical pensions issues particularly relating to pension transfers, unsecured pensions and alternatively secured pensions
Membership is open to interested parties from within the pensions industry including pension providers, distribution organisations, software providers and technical consultancies
Organisations are encouraged to send delegates that are suitably experienced or qualified to contribute to the discussions
Given the number of representatives that normally attend each meeting, a limit of one representative per organisation is normally appropriate
Limit of activities
Given the wide and varied interests of the organisations represented on the forum, SPF will not seek to act as a lobby group or to represent the views of the industry
SPF does not seek to act as an IT forum
Conduct of meetings
At the beginning of each meeting, a Chair and Minute Secretary shall be chosen. Generally these roles should be carried out separately
The Chair of the previous meeting should be the recipient of agenda items in advance of the following meeting
All representatives are expected to play an active role in discussions
SPF may periodically invite representatives from Government or regulatory bodies to attend
Decision making
Given the informal nature of the forum, decisions are expected to be made by consensus
Should a consensus not be achievable, a vote should be taken amongst the attending representatives, with the Chair of that meeting having an additional casting vote if needed
Frequency timing and location of meetings
SPF typically meets on a quarterly basis, however the frequency and timing of meetings will be agreed by the members in the light of the issues that are likely to be discussed
Each organisation represented on SPF is invited to host meetings, including providing lunch, from time to time so that the time and costs involved are spread
It is recognised that some organisations do not have the capacity to host meetings

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