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21st May 2019
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TCF, KYC and Compliance
WHATEVER advice you give, your client files NEED to demonstrate that you have fully considered the benefits arising from your clients' pension arrangements. This includes benefits from employment based pension schemes.
It's about TREATING CUSTOMERS FAIRLY and its obvious really – but how many advisers actually GET the information and then USE IT?
At we offer advisers distinct services to help you with TCF requirements:
The OfficeTM - a selection of services and tools to help you gather, record and use information about your clients' employment based pension schemes.
Think about it - employment based schemes can provide not only retirement income, but may also provide a lump sum, dependants' benefits, ill health, early, flexible and late payment options.
Each of these weave themselves into areas that YOU will be advising your clients.  

Obtaining information from an employment based scheme WILL open up other opportunities for you to discuss with clients. On the other hand, failure to do so could ultimately lead to accusations of non-compliance, mis-selling or professional negligence.
Some of the more obvious situations that require you to obtain details of your clients' employment based pension scheme benefits would be where you are:
  • providing retirement planning
  • financial planning
  • advising on divorce
  • performing a financial ‘health check’
  • advising on protection
  • advising on critical illness
  • IHT planning
  • involved in will-writing. 
Indeed, why stop at your client. If you are advising your client on any of the above you should also be asking about any benefits that the spouse / partner / financial dependant or co-habitant may have in an employment based scheme. This may also impact upon the advice process – not to mention create further business opportunities for you.
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