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18th April 2019
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What’s in it?
The Boardroom™ is a dedicated area for trustees. It provides access to trustee-specific articles, documents and commentary about pension related matters.
The Boardroom™ includes a suite of administrative tools to help you provide detailed information about your members’ benefits:
  • a range of benefit-specific forms;
  • one of the most comprehensive pension analysis questionnaires available;
  • news, bulletins and updates.
Understanding WHY advisers request this data will help you to improve your pension communication to your employees and scheme members.
The internet is a fantastic source of information, but that information comes at a price – your time. There are legal websites, technical websites, financial advice and news websites. Each website offers its own different view on a topic and the level of detail varies considerably.
At we spend our time researching and writing, evaluating and analysing all things employment based pension related. So, let us take the strain out of information gathering so your valuable time is spent doing what you do best – managing your scheme. We're not about re-inventing the wheel. If during our research, we find excellent articles and content on other websites, we'll point you to them.
Employers and Trustees are adapting, amending and redesigning schemes to reflect economic factors and legislative requirements. These changes could have a significant effect on you, and on your members.
The Boardroom™ is there for you to drop into whenever you want to see what pension related issues might affect you, your business, or your scheme members.
Use of The Boardroom™ is limited to Trustees, pension managers and trustee support personnel.
There is also a discussion Forum specifically for trustees.
If you’ve got something to say or a question to ask about company or public sector pensions why not air it on our Trustee Forum. Whatever you say is posted anonymously because you choose your own username.
The main features of The Boardroom™ are accessible by monthly subscription from just £15 per month. Registration is simple.
For more details on how we can help you and your members, please contact:
Mike Jones
Business Development Ltd
(t)       0845 123 5670
(m)     07730 855596

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