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22nd May 2019
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What is the Scheme Member Zone? 
Written specifically for scheme members, the Scheme Member Zone is a comprehensive online source of easy-to-understand information for members of employer sponsored pension schemes. Delivered in simple modules you can learn all about your pension benefits and how pension schemes work, one step at a time.
  • All documentation written by pension professionals specifically for active, preserved and pensioner members
  • Access to an increasing library of user-friendly and informative Factsheets and Quicknotes
  • Regular updates and Newsletters keep you informed about what’s happening NOW
  • Signposting to other documents and websites that provide material that compliments what we have written – saving you time
  • A dedicated discussion forum to exchange views and air your opinion with other scheme members.    
 We ask the questions that you didn’t realise needed asking.
A library of Factsheets and Quicknotes filled with information about every aspect of retirement provision. The Zone is researched, written and updated by people who understand your concerns about employer sponsored pension schemes. Inside information, passed on to you from our team of experienced pension professionals, who have worked with scheme members over many years.
We give YOU the knowledge and confidence to get the answers you need about your pension benefits from your pension scheme. Learn what pension benefits you and your family are entitled to (and as important, what you are not entitled to).
See also our FAQs for answers to other questions you may have.
Become part of a growing community...
It's your Zone - interact with us and with other scheme members
  • If there's a subject you want to know about that's pension-related tell us. If we think it's appropriate we'll write a Factsheet about it and put in online.
  • If you see something pension-related elsewhere on the internet that our members would benefit from reading, tell us and we'll see if we can point other members to it.  
  • Use the dedicated Scheme Member Forum to express your opinion, ask questions of other members, and discuss issues that are important to you.  
Tell us what you want...

What we do: Image of a green tick
provide e-learning
provide facts
simplify the complicated
save you time
help you understand

We don't do: Image of a red cross
we don't give advice 
we don't sell pensions
we don't do investments
we don't sell insurance
we don't do mortgages



Forum Membership 
If you’ve got something to say or a question to ask about company or public sector pensions why not air it on one of our Forums.
There is no cost to you as registration is FREE, and whatever you say is posted anonymously because you choose your own username (alias).
Registration is simple and takes just a couple of minutes.
Once you have registered you can log-in, visit the Forum and:
  • read specific topics (called ‘threads’)
  • add a comment to a thread
  • post a new thread
  • email another correspondent
  • request to be kept updated on specific threads.  
Do you want your own private Forum for a specific group of people?
Is you pension scheme in Wind-Up? Do you have a pension-related association or action group?
If you are interested in having your own pension-related Forum viewable only by people you allow to participate, please contact us. We'll discuss setting up a Forum just for you - FREE of charge.
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