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18th July 2019
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Wreck your retirement in 10 easy steps 
Are you considering working during your retirement? Perhaps to subsidise your pension, or possibly just for something to do? You might recall that recently released DWP figures show that 12% of men and women over the age of 65 continue to work – that’s 1.3 million people. Interestingly, this figure is growing by 8% year on year. There are many reasons why people are choosing to carry on working and this video report from the BBC looks at several examples.
The second part of the video sees the BBC interviewing Brendan Paddy of Age Concern who explains why this organisation is making a legal challenge over mandatory retirement. All good stuff, but one question springs to mind: why is Brendan Paddy so young? (rhetorical). See:
Produced for the US audience, this tongue in cheek blog has a degree of reality about it that works for the UK public too. It brought a smile to my face, anyway. See:
Mike Jones,, 30th July 2008

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