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21st May 2019
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This thread: Pensionable Earnings Dispute - Advice Please Post No.
04/07/2017 23:41

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I am dispute with my company over pensionable earnings and do not know where to turn. My company scheme defines pensionable earnings as salary and overtime excluding bonuses and allowances. When I joined, the job I do paid me a basic hourly rate and then extra for travelling with work on another hourly rate. A contract change gave a basic weekly salary (instead of hourly) and a different hourly rate for travelling with work. But under the new contract they say only my basic qualifies and the new travelling rate is not classed as overtime and so does not qualify, even though I do the same job in the same way and still get hourly renumeration. It has cost me thousands a year in contributions which are matched by my employer. Is there someone to advise or an ombudsman for this? Seems the pensions ombudsman is only interested after the contributions have gone in. I have taken some advice from a few high up in HR and they say my employer is wrong and is just trying it on but other than getting an expensive employment lawyer where can I turn? Any help or advice is gratefully received.

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