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21st September 2019
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Pension Blog - February 2009 
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Is this dirty tricks, ‘transparent’ government or clever manipulation of a situation to gain public sympathy? The publication by HM Treasury of the letter penned
posted 27/02/2009
Dr Ros Altmann is a former adviser to 10 Downing Street and is more recently known for her work as a pensions champion for her working in forcing
posted 26/02/2009
The Telegraph produced an excellent article aimed at pension scheme trustees and their advisers. It considers the position and plight that both face where
posted 25/02/2009
When I read this article by John Redwood MP, I paused at the sentence: ‘The UK government set in train three different policies which have combined to
posted 23/02/2009
Before the credit crunch began,more Britons were planning to retire abroad than ever before. ONS figures released at the end of 2007 showed that there were
posted 18/02/2009
I know that many individuals and companies are actively involved in dealing with pension transfer analysis. From October last year, the onus for the calculation
posted 16/02/2009
I know that many individuals and companies that receive these news updates are actively involved in dealing with pension transfer analysis. From October last
posted 16/02/2009
With the banking sector under intense pressure about excessive boardroom bonuses, it comes as a bit of a surprise to find that the Financial Services Authority
posted 13/02/2009
Standard Life did itself no harm yesterday (11th February 2009) in announcing that it would immediately remediate all investors in its Pension Sterling Fund
posted 12/02/2009
Until the credit crunch appeared, one of the largest figures we were subjected to was the cumulative deficits of pension funds. According to the Pension Protection
posted 11/02/2009
Our benefit system isn’t the easiest in the world to understand or navigate through. Even with internet-based tools and guides, it must seem to many pensioners
posted 10/02/2009
Inflation and pensions share a love-hate relationship as low inflation transfers through to reduced prices on the high street. However, this might not help all
posted 09/02/2009
According to this article, nearly 20% of pay settlements in January effectively amounted to a wage freeze. This hasn’t gone down well with senior management
posted 05/02/2009
Seemingly ever-increasing life expectancy is taking its toll on society's attitudes and purse strings. This article, penned by George Magnus, senior economic adviser…
posted 04/02/2009
Transferring from a defined benefit scheme requires a great deal of thought given the nature of promises that lie behind such schemes. Not to mention…
posted 03/02/2009
Cutting pension contributions: what employers need to check
It is the speed of the fall into recession that appears to have taken many companies by surprise. Company cashflows are suffering as a result, and consequently...
 posted 02/02/2009

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