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21st September 2019
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Pension Blog - March 2009 
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I must say that I'm not yet the greatest fan of Personal Accounts - but I can't really put my finger on any reason why not. It's like an itch that I can't scratch
posted 31/03/2009
I was at a meeting of the Specialist Pensions Forum yesterday  when one of the topics of conversation was the proposed relaxation by HMRC of
posted 27/03/2009
Well the media jumped the gun a little, ahead of the ONS's release of February's inflation data, but I suspect they are only a month ahead from publishing
posted 24/03/2009
Lord Myners today sat facing the Treasury Select Committee and was questioned about Sir Fred Goodwin’s pension. It was fascinating stuff and The Times
posted 17/03/2009
There has been growing concern over recent months about the Pension Protection Fund’s ability to maintain its position as a sustainable lifeboat. The PPF is set up
posted 12/03/2009
It's pension woes all across the news sheets lately, with the focus on increasing deficits, poor performance indicators and lack-lustre stock markets
posted 09/03/2009
The Heyday case which has resolved that employers can force employees to retire at age 65 has taken most of the pension headlines over the last 24 hours.
posted 06/03/2009
For many pension schemes, a great deal of the investment returns comes from dividend income, so I've posted a couple of articles worthy of discussion
posted 05/03/2009
There was more than a hint of a paradox between two news items recently. The first artcile was from the CII Thinkpiece about financial inclusion for the over 50s...
posted 04/03/2009
A round-up of the pension news items this morning and over the weekend predictably focuses upon Sir Fred Goodwin’s pension. The most balanced
posted 02/03/2009

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