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21st September 2019
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Pension Blog - September 2008 
This blog allows us to air our views and opinions on pension related issues. We don't ask or expect you to agree with our opinions - but you're welcome to comment about a particular blog by sending us an email to  
Here’s an interesting comment: 'According to figures from the Association of British Insurers there were more than 102,000 pension annuities sold with a value of...
posted 25/09/2008
It's official - according to recent research, pension education and pension communication are essential in order to make the most of retirement...
posted 19/09/2008
Revealing statistics about money purchase pensions
Politicians who ignore the growing power of pensioners do so at their peril. According to the former minister Stephen Byers, an ageing population is "the new...
posted 11/09/2008
Pubs, pints, pensions and MPs
I live in a small Shropshire Village, just a couple of miles from Ironbridge, the birthplace of industry according to the local tourist information signs...
posted 05/09/2008
It’s no wonder the public get confused about pensions. Given that no two people have identical situations, it is practically impossible to standardise advice...
posted 01/09/2008

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